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Serum rich in active principles which develop an anti-aging, moisturizing & lenitive action on the face & neck skin & visibly reduces the signs of aging. The serum contains a unique combination of DMAE ( face lift in a jar ), HYALURONIC ACID ( the fountain of life ) & CO Q 10, beside other boosting moisturizing & soothing agents.

Master key elements:
* DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol): which is called ( facelift in a jar ) due to its lifting & firming effect on the face & neck tissue.
Many researches show that DMAE helps diminish fine lines & wrinkles & improve the appearance of sagging skin.
Beside boosting other antioxidants, resulting in increased brightness, smoothness & wrinkle reduction.
DMAE, also, helps stabilize cell membranes protecting them from free-radical damage, and helping them expel waste and hold onto valuable skin enhancing nutrients.
Cell membrane degradation has been proposed as one of the prime mechanisms of skin aging.
* HYALURONIC ACID ( the fountain of life ):
which is a physiological constituent of the skin whose function is to cushion & lubricate (called nature's moisturizer ), the low molecular weight grade is used here which can penetrate the skin easily working as a space filler , helping in the regeneration of the dermal ground substance & thus contributes to filling lines & wrinkles.
It preserves tissue hydration , due to its high water retaining capacity ,& provides structural integrity to the skin .
* Co-enzyme Q 10 ( which plays 2 roles in the cell) :
1 – produce biological energy ( ATP ) inside the cell .
2 – an anti-oxidant which helps neutralize free radicals, which are a main cause of aging.
Levels of Co Q10 can drop in the cells under various factors such as age & stress, thus supplying the skin with Co Q10 boosts skin repair & regeneration & reduces free radical damage.
- The serum, also, contains a mixture of moisturizing, soothing & nutritive substances which are proven to work together to boost the efficacy of the serum.
- The serum contains, also, a solar filter to protect against sun exposure.

Apply once daily with gentle massage


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