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- Active depigmentation & controlling of melanin formation by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme thanks to:
*Chromabright: the new safe patented skin brightening ingredient that shows neither cytotoxic effects, nor any irritation or sensitization reaction. It fulfils all the desirable effects for a new skin brightener: exhibits considerable skin lightening activity (by inhibiting tyrosinase), has a completely safe profile, shows good stability in formulations & possesses a photoprotective effect on skin epidermal cells, helping to prevent the skin damage caused by UV radiation.
*Azelaic acid: which proved to have selective effects on hyperactive & abnormal melanocytes as it inhibits tyrosinase & reduces the rate of DNA synthesis. Topical azelaic acid has no or little depigmentation effect on normally pigmented skin. Apparently, azelaic acid is much more active against abnormal melanin synthesis and abnormal melanocytes.
*Vitamin C in a highly stable & effective form which is known for its strong whitening & antioxidant properties.
-Peeling & exfoliating action to increase the turnover of epidermal cells causing more melanin& dead cells to wash out of the skin, revealing a new lightened skin thanks to the actions of salicylic acid, mandelic acid, azelaic acid & Retinyl palmitate (the keratoregulator which helps to improve the skin's texture & appearance.
-Powerful anti-oxidant & free radical scavenging action to protect the skin against free radicals & harmful environmental aggressions & help to repair the photodamage caused by UV radiation thanks to the actions of vitamin C , Azelaic acid & oryza sativa bran oil (the carrier oil in the serum which contains natural forms of vitamin E).
-It contains a blend of amino acids & nutrients which enhances the skin cell's activity.
-It, also, contains a solar filter which absorbs U V radiation & protects the skin against sunburn & photo-damaging.

Apply twice daily with gentle massage till complete absorption.

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