• Smell
    Fragrance Free
  • Skin Type
    Suitable for all skin types
  • Result
    Remarkable results within 2 weeks.
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Ultrastrong whitening program with extra brightening, purifying, antioxidant, moisturizing & protecting properties.
Provides comprehensive concentrated extra whitening properties even for persistent hard dark spots or areas.
The unique whitening program consists of a daily whitening cream & concentrated whitening ampoules to be applied synergistically to exert the ultra strong whitening action.

Azelaic acid, Vitamin C, Licorice extract, Mandelic acid, Thioctic acid, Dimethicone, Strawberry extract, Hibiscus extract, Wild yam extract, Glutathione, Lecithin, Niacinamide, Solar filter.

Apply the ampoules twice weekly, massage well until complete absorption.
Apply the cream once daily, massage well until complete absorption.

Bianco Plus Kit

Whitening Program