• Smell
    Fragrance Free
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    Suitable for all skin types
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    Remarkable results within 2 weeks.
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Daily body cream with extra whitening, moisturizing & firming properties.
-Potent whitening & removal of discoloration or body dark spots.
-High moisturizing & glowing action improving skin texture & giving a pleasant touch to the skin mainly due to sweet almond oil.
-Excellent extra firming & rejuvenating action to improve the appearance of the skin.
-Extra soothing anti-allergic action to prevent any irritation or inflammation of the skin of the body.
-Extra Sun protecting action.

- Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Dimethicone, Vitamin C, Azelaic acid, Centella, Mandelic acid, Rosehips, Histidine, Leucine, Tryptophan, Glutamic acid, Glycine Soya Protein.

- Apply appropriate amount to the body skin daily with gentle massage till complete absorption.

Bianco Body cream

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